Life For Sale

Genre: Action Adventure, Conspiracy Thrillers, Sci-fi, Suspense Thrillers

Book Summary

A legal conspiracy thriller meets medical science fiction in present day London.
Jamie Barrington is a successful prosecuting barrister, but when things go wrong, an offer of a different person’s perfect life for £1,000,000 is too tempting to turn down.
However, after spending time in a paradise life, Jamie soon discovers that everything is not as it seems. Fighting to prevent a conspiracy, he turns to a clandestine life and finds himself having to confront the very criminals that he previously prosecuted with a plea for help in restoring his former life and getting justice. Can they help him save the day?
Action packed with suspense and more twists than a neurotic pretzel, it will have you gripped from the beginning to the end!

About the Author

An avid fan of crime thrillers myself, I have written my first book on the topic.
I have worked as a criminal law barrister for over 13 years and used my legal knowledge and interesting anecdotes and cases to write my first book called “Life For Sale”.
The book contains crime, conspiracy, intrigue, action, romance, lots of twists and also some humour for a gripping and entertaining read that will keep you guessing.....
I really enjoyed writing it, so I hope that you enjoy reading it. :)

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