Life is a Ballet

Genre: Short Stories

Book Summary

This book displays a part of my life as a parent to children who grew up as ballet dancers. My children chose the dance life early on in their lives and as a parent, along with my former wife, it became our privilege to support our children in their youthful athletic and artistic choice. This book is a collection of thoughts and knowledge that I acquired throughout my journey as a dad supporting his kids. It also serves as a guide for people whose children have chosen this wonderful pursuit and how they can offer their support and motivate them to move powerfully in life.

About the Author

Scott Patrick Erwin is a writer and observer of life who is inspired by the life lessons available through seemingly ordinary activities. His ambition is to help others observe those lessons, learn from them, and grow through them to achieve their ambitions in life. He is the author of the Blog, Vlog, and Podcast "Life is Like Us." ( and the book Life is a Ballet. He is a former financial professional and business school graduate of Pepperdine University and California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo.

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