Life Shocks Romances (Inflamed, Jilted, Kindled, Lured)

Genre: Romance

Book Summary

Savor all four novellas in the Life Shocks Romances Collection. You'll find an enchanting story for every occasion:


Debra Martinez doesn’t believe in happy endings. Even if she did, she knows she doesn’t deserve one, not after betraying her best friend in the worst possible way. Eight years into single parenthood, her life is a grind of exhaustion in between spikes of fatigue—an endless struggle to make ends meet—until Sean Orr, Havre de Grace’s newest firefighter, shows her and her son, Aidan, a new and beautiful kind of “normal.”
But the happiness can’t last—not for Sean who is on the run from his past. When it catches up with him, will it bring Debra’s fragile normality crashing down around her, or will she find the strength to define her own happy ending?


Jon Seifer's on top of the world with an undergraduate degree from a top college, a thriving alternative health business, and a breathtaking girlfriend, Anjali Bhanot.
Unfortunately, Anjali was, at birth, promised in marriage to a dashing man who holds a medical degree from Harvard Medical School, works as a cardiac surgeon at Mayo Clinic, and hails from the lofty Brahmin caste, just like Anjali. Everyone agrees—he’s perfect for her.
And why would Anjali—brilliant, talented, and an overachiever from birth—settle for anything less than perfection?


Nicholas Dragov, a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, is the bad boy of ballet. On stage, his grand jeté defies the laws of physics and gravity. Off stage, he lavishes money on fast cars and fast women. His small-town roots are abandoned in the past, until a career-ending injury traps him back home, in the care of the woman who broke his heart.
Marisa Chantilly was Nicholas’s first dance partner, but he alone made it onto the world stage. In the eight years since they have seen each other, she has married, become pregnant, a widow, and a mother. Now, Nicholas is home, his beautiful body broken, and his attitude darker and deeper than a volcanic crater. A massage therapist, she knows how to work with sports injuries, but no amount of training or professionalism can help her endure the man who abandoned her when she needed him most.


When an accident cuts short Dr. Shannon Larson’s bicycle tour through Italy, she’s rescued by a brusque, career-driven American lawyer—the same kind of man who once broke her heart. A week in Brandon Smith’s company, however, convinces her that the similarities are superficial. Her Italian fling with Brandon becomes the highlight of her life, but can the glow of their holiday romance survive the harsh light of reality when they return to America and find themselves on opposite sides of the courtroom?

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About the Author

Jade Kerrion defied (or leveraged, depending on your point of view) her undergraduate degrees in Biology and Philosophy, as well as her MBA, to embark on her second (and concurrent) career as an award-winning science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance author.

Her debut novel, Perfection Unleashed, published in 2012, won six literary awards and launched her best-selling futuristic thriller series, Double Helix, which blends cutting-edge genetic engineering and high-octane action with an unforgettable romance between an alpha empath and an assassin.

Earth-Sim and Eternal Night won first place Royal Palm Literary Awards in the Young Adult and Fantasy categories respectively. Readers have clamored for sequels, and Jade will get around to them when her To Do list opens up (sometime after 2020.)

Life Shocks Romances, Jade’s sweet and sexy contemporary romance series, features unlikely romances you will root for and happy endings you can believe in. They prove that, at the very least, she knows how to alphabetize books.

If she sounds busy, it’s because she is. Jade writes at 3:00 am when her husband and three sons are asleep, and aspires to make her readers as sleep-deprived as she is. She is the Executive Vice President of the Florida Writers Association, and the Regional Director for Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

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