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Book Summary

Andrew Sacks comes forward with one of the most brilliant ideas to display his love and journey in photography. The book is a collection of his best pictures. The transition he had to make from 35 millimeters to digital media was traumatic but enabled him to take many shots to choose from and erase the bad ones instead of just one at a time. The book is in three parts. The first part consists of Andrew’s photos that span decades. The titles under the images are meant to explain why he liked the pictures enough to put them in a book. The titles also highlight what he saw in the photo. Humor is added to make light of a few images. The second part of this book is the puff part of book. We all have pictures of sunset in our collections. Andrew has been taking sunset pictures for decades and has included some of his most dramatic ones in this book. The third part of the book is a continuing project as the telephone and electric poles have always been an interesting subject for him. The complexity of the staples, papers, the commotion, and noise on every pole fascinate him. More images are featured on the website,, which will also be on sale.

About the Author

Andrew Sacks is very straightforward and textbook as they come. Andrew never changed his setting from automatic on his many Canon cameras. There are no aperture ring notes on the pages as he takes pictures just as the camera wants to take them. All of the photos are untouched, as he, an admitted boomer who can’t keep up with technology, has never used Photoshop or any other application to alter an image.

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