Live and Let Bite

Genre: Action Adventure, Christian, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

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Jim Butcher, Larry Correia, John Ringo,

Book Summary

The third book in the Dragon Award nominated "Love at First Bite" series.

Merlin “Merle” Kraft has been fighting the darkness for months. He left San Francisco in the capable hands of Marco Catalano and his anti-vampire team to defend them against vampires. With special operators at his command, Kraft has been killing every vampire he can find in the Middle East. After clearing out a nest in Tora Bora, he is finally brought back to New York, and the investigation that led him to vampires in the first place.

Marco is starting to spiral. He knows it. His team knows it. Everyone around him can see that he’s just a bomb waiting to explode. The only woman who can bring him back from the brink is also the woman who lit his fuse.

Ever since the demon Asmodeus tried to murder Marco, Amanda Colt has been hunting down every lead to find the ones ultimately behind the attempt. After months of investigation, she learns that something in the dark is colder than the dark. It is a vampire assassin that Amanda has faced once before, and Amanda lost. This assassin is stronger than anything they’ve face before, and it isn’t alone.

With Marco ready to self-destruct, and the armies of Hell ready to descend, the three of them must come together and stop a thousand-year-old assassin that has never been stopped, and has never failed to kill her target.


"The final confrontation did not go quite how I was expecting, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Considering how the first two books ended, it was a pleasant surprise, and shows there are still plenty more surprises for the Love At First Bite series to deliver. Book 4 can't come soon enough!

Unfortunately that leads us to the one negative to point out, and that's the fact that there's still one more book to go. I eagerly await what Mr. Finn puts out to finish this series, and have the hope that it will certainly surpass other vampire series on the market. There are few things more satisfying than watching a vampire burn." ~JD Cowan, Between the Wasteland and the Sky

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