Genre: Horror, Sci-fi, Young Adult

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Jonathan Maberry, J.L. Bourne, Rhiannon Frater, Carrie Ryan, Colson Whitehead, S.G. Browne, Mira Grant, Daryl Gregory, Max Brooks, Alden Bell, Robert Kirkman, Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk, Giovanna Fletcher, Marian Keyes, Meg Cabot

Book Summary

Leah Watton’s practical joke has spiralled way out of control—all to impress a crush…

With a prank online video, Leah hopes to catch the attention of Jake Colton, a cute, blond-haired, blue-eyed co-worker she’s had a crush on for months. But instead of sending it to Jake, she manages to forward the clip to her boss—who buys every gory second.

When mass panic ensues, Leah learns the video is more than a staged act…

The government is calling the virus AM13. As the outbreak spreads, citizens are forced to stay indoors while they assess the gravity of the illness. Most people are quarantined in their homes, but Leah, Jake, and Leah’s best friend Michelle are some of the unlucky few who are stuck at work when the Lockdown occurs.

That’s where she first encounters one of the infected…

Aside from a contaminated woman devouring one of her co-workers, Leah has another problem. Does she do as she’s ordered and stay at work? Or should she disobey government orders and break free to reunite with her family?

She can’t go it alone—after all, Leah has none of the skills needed to survive—but with Michelle and Jake by her side, not even a contagious virus and a sea of the dead can keep her from…

Breaking out of the Lockdown…


There is this guy Jake in the office at a tv new station where Leah Watton works that she has a bit of a crush on. Leah has tried on several occasions to grab Jake’s attention but so far no dice. Jake is a bit of a practical joker who likes playing jokes on people. Leah happens to run across a story on Youtube one day about a zombie virus called AM13 and sends it to Jake hoping to catch his attention.

Later on she realizes that she also sent it to her boss Jamie and now Leah is worried that she is going to be in trouble and lose her job. But Jamie takes it as to be the truth and does more research on the matter and then plays it on the air later giving Leah credit for the video.

The government decides to call for a lockdown to quarantine everyone inside hoping to stop the spread of the virus. But like Leah most people don’t believe that people are turning into zombies and so don’t stay indoors. After seeing a zombie attack someone and start eating them Leah then starts to believe that the virus is real and not a hoax.

It’s not long before Leah starts to get a little claustrophobic from staying cooped up inside and thinking about her family and if she will ever see them again. Leah decides that she if this is the end she would like to spend it with her family and with the belief that her boss won’t let her leave she decides that she will go during the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep so no one can stop her. But really who could stop her she is an adult. She knows she can’t make it out there all by herself but she will if that is her only choice but she is in luck as her best friend Michelle and Jake want to go as well.

Lockdown is unlike any zombie book I think I have ever read before. I have had Lockdown on my to read list for a long time but I just kept putting it off reading other books but I wouldn’t take it off my list and I am so glad that I finally opened it up and started reading. I loved that we got to know Leah before we saw any zombies. I also liked that she didn’t believe that the zombie virus was real well not until she saw it with her own two eyes.

Leah may not have been a strong tough kicka** kind of girl but she was very brave to go out amongst all those zombies to see her family again. If we were faced with zombies ourselves how many of us would take the step that she did? Most of us would probably crawl under the bed and stay there and say “wake me when it’s over”. We would not want to go out and come face to face with a zombie unless we had no choice.

I love reading about zombies and Lockdown totally rocks the zombie world! And now on to the next book in the AM13 Outbreak series Forgotten. I would recommend Lockdown to anyone who loves zombies!!!!

About the Author

Samie Sands is the author of the zombie based AM13 Outbreak Series - Lockdown, Forgotten, and Extinct. She has also had her short stories published in best-selling anthologies.

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