Love in a Hopeless Place Collection

Genre: Action Adventure, General Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense Thriller, Short Stories, Suspense Thrillers, Urban Fantasy

For Fans Of

Roald Dahl, Henry James, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Francoise Sagan, Stan Barstow, John Braine, Alan Sillitoe.

Book Summary

An anthology of stories from the engine room of the human condition. 

Five stand-alone titles published over the last two years, from No. 1 bestselling short story writer Emma Calin, combined in this great value 'boxed-set'.

Every stranger on the street is a separate story. Their clothes, age and posture reveal some of it. A collection of short stories allows us to illuminate an overall narrative through the rainbow prism of disparate experience. To this we can add our own sense of empathy or even disgust. On the bus that just passed by and inside the building across the street, these unconnected stories are unfolding. It is the unknown secrets and truths of others that form the background on which we unwittingly paint ourselves.

The characters who feed the boilers and push the brooms, the individually powerless. All the same, they struggle to assert the human imperative of love, whether or not that be sexual or even available. 

The LOVE IN A HOPELESS PLACE COLLECTION brings you five novelettes and short stories that explore this universal quest for acceptance and respect; our need to love and be loved.

Social realism for the 21st century.

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About the Author

Novelist, philosopher blogger poet and would be master chef. A woman pedaling between Peckham & Pigalle, in search of passion, adventure & enduring romance.

Emma Calin writes thrilling suspense novels, gritty short stories and children's modern fairytale fiction about love and survival in the 21st century.

She blogs about her dual life spent in a small rural community in South West France and Romsey, a quintessentially British market town in England. She feels extremely lucky to be able to experience the world and life through these two, very different, lenses. With family in Europe, the USA and Canada, she cannot resist plots that unravel between continents and across borders.

She spends any time she can, when not writing, exploring the countryside on a tandem with her author partner, ex-Interpol and Special Branch detective and performance poet, Oscar Sparrow. They are currently training for an epic Lands End to John O'Groats 1000 mile cycle ride in 2017. A nationwide launch of their forthcoming thriller across Britain from the saddle... now there's a challenge!

Emma also does video readings, records and produces audio books and plays the trombone (although not at the same time).

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