Love, Life, and Logic

Genre: General Fiction

Book Summary

2017 Readers' Favorite Award Winner, LOVE, LIFE, AND LOGIC captures the individual struggle of a young man against the seemingly unnamed, unknown, anonymous power of the universe. In a shocking revelation of his innermost thoughts, the book depicts a painful account of his emotional turmoil arising out of his own confusions and dilemmas, and his personal developments through all that.

Rohan grows up in a middle class family in a small town in Goa, India. He asks himself many life questions like we all do every day. Is our life and death an end in itself, or do they have a much deeper implication in a gigantic universal process? Is each human life also someway connected to the chain of events unfolding every day in front of our eyes? We all have different thumbprints; but why? Are we all a part of big numbers game, or does each one of us really matter?

Chased by these and many such questions, Rohan leaves his lucrative job and his family in search of the truth. The journey gets complicated when he meets Adeline, a 23-year old vivacious girl in Vienna. Love, again? That brings him back to question his failed marriage. Is marriage an end of the road for love? Do all marriages come with an expiration date?

It's the search and the road leading to his final realization that makes this book insightful and thought-provoking.


Readers' Favorite
This is a brilliant story that weaves the themes of love, friendship, and life's ultimate meaning into a powerful plot that will have readers enthralled. Love, Life, and Logic: A Literary Fiction is an emotionally charged story that explores crossroads questions that many young people live with; a wonderful read.

Midwest Book Review
"In a fast-paced world filled with scars, broken vows, newfound commitments, and insecure relationships in the face of change, Rohan slowly uncovers new paths to understanding the greater universe at large. His journey neatly takes the reader's hand and mind and leads to an engrossing tale of love and redemption, highly recommended for those seeking more than a casual romance story. Love, Life and Logic comes packed with thought-provoking mental and spiritual changes, in which the ultimate goal fluidly changes with better understanding."

Books and Movies: Reviews
"This is a very well-written book describing the conflicts of a young man questioning himself about the meaning of life. The author did a superb job describing all psychological aspects of his conflict. ... I recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader who appreciates a well-written novel that will make him think about his own life."

"If you like ruminating on important matters, you will find food for thought. Love, Life, and Logic is among my favourite five of 2016. Highly recommended!" - Karen | My Train of Thoughts on...

"This is a surprising and delightful voyage of discovery that is easy to relate to. It is well written and a joy to read. It makes a wonderful read for anyone thinking about their direction in life, but is light enough to make a good holiday read." - Sarah Jackson, Author

"If you want a book to help you reflect on the bigger picture of life, this may be the book for you. I found this book to be an interesting read that looks at how the things in your life happen around you and how you make sense of it. The book is one for those who enjoy philosophical thinking."- Valerie's blog | He Said Books or Me

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About the Author

Uday Mukerji was born in India and had worked as a creative director in advertising agencies in Singapore for nearly twenty years. However, in 2009, he left his job to pursue a career in writing.

His first literary fiction, a 2017 Readers’ Favorite Award Winner, Love, Life, and Logic was published by Harvard Square Editions, NY, in November 2016.

His next book, Dead Man Dreaming, published by Adelaide Books, New York, is due out on 25 September 2019.


Readers' Favorite Award | Category: Literary Fiction

Book Excellence Award | Category: Fiction




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