Love My Colors

Genre: Action Adventure

Book Summary

This book is for all those people – especially young girls who have been belittled and made fun of, just based on their skin color. Diversity is beautiful, and every skin-color matters – be it black, olive, brown, or white. Natashia learns to be content in her own skin, with time and a few lessons on the way. Yes, she may be darker-skinned than her mother and the rest of the residents at the island. Yes, she may also be darker-skinned than her lighter-skinned father and the rest of the kids at school… but she is her own person – whatever her skin-color.

About the Author

Cleanne Johnson is a Caribbean-Canadian living in the United States of America. She completed a Bachelor of Science in dietetics, and a master’s in public health at Andrews University in Michigan. Today, she practices as a registered dietitian and loves to help others make better food choices, to help improve their quality of life. It takes more than just penning down words on a piece of paper to become an author.

I find it quite interesting how great authors are among us. People who have written some of the greatest best-sellers. There are several books in almost every genre that have been loved by the masses. One of the reasons behind this is believed to be the fact that not every author has that capability of writing such amazing books. Anyone with a pen and a paper with some thoughts can write. But only some of the greatest ones can convey the message through their words. Being able to convey your thoughts, turning them into words is a difficult task. If it was everyone’s cup of tea, everyone would be a best-selling author at some point after a while.

Cleanne Johnson is among those great authors. With the ability to glue the eyes of the readers to her book, it is no surprise that she is aiming to be on the charts of best-selling authors. Needless to say, her work really speaks for itself and topping the charts is less than a challenge for her at this point. Her book is revolutionary and the cause behind it is an inevitable change that we all deserve. And it is going to take place.

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