Love's First Flames (Banished Saga, Prequel Novella)

Genre: Historical Romance

Book Summary

When a fire irrevocably changes their lives, orphaned brothers Gabriel, Richard and Jeremy McLeod depend on each other in their harsh new reality. Committed to their dream of a better future, Gabriel worries that Richard’s interest in Florence Butler will only lead to heartache. Will Richard secure Florence’s love? Or will they be torn apart?


Praise for the Banished Saga Books:

“I absolutely am in love with this story and its characters…. READ THIS!! It is completely worth it, and the cliffhanger at the end just makes you (or at least it did me) want to read the next book in the series.”
— Kayla from Journey with Books Blog

“If you love Jane Austen novels, this is the perfect companion to any of her amazing books.”
— Leslie Fear from The Indie Book Shelf

“This was an empowering tale about following your dreams no matter where they may take you.”
— Sara from The Drunken Druid

“I am quite pleased to recommend to my readers another clean, historical romance that is incredibly well-written and quite entertaining to read.”
— Ruth from My Devotional Thoughts

“It is such a good journey of seeing what women and some men who wanted change were up against. I absolutely enjoyed this novel and I highly recommend it.”
— Maggie Thom’s Blog

“As a fan of historical fiction I gave this book a chance even though I’m not a huge “romance” fan. I was delightfully surprised by the awesome, relatable characters. It wasn’t an overly fluffy story. There is social prejudice and struggles. It also has a sweet romance story running along side the issues and I highly recommend this to any historical fiction fan.”
— The Crafty Cauldron

About the Author

Ramona Flightner is from Montana and loves hiking and fishing. A history buff, she combines her love of research and discovery into her novels.

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