Lucky’s Pals

Genre: Children

Book Summary

Lucky's Pals is a fun Kindle animal picture book for kids--with a difference. It’s narrated by a talking parrot named Lucky, who just happens to be a real bird that was rescued after falling out of a tree.

These stories for kids combine photography with cheerful, colorful graphics to introduce children to Lucky’s animal pals and teach fun facts about them in a humorous way.

Lucky's Pals features:

  • Six animal stories that include facts that teach as well as entertain
  • A quiz at the end with simple questions about the stories in the book to help kids learn about animals
  • FREE gift of “Lucky Loot” (downloadable coloring pages featuring Lucky) for every reader

You can hear Lucky sing and read about how he was rescued at You can see photos of Lucky and see additional videos of him singing, imitating a cat and playing tricks on his humans on his Instagram page at

Lucky's Pals is Book 1 in the Lucky the Talking Bird series.


"What a great idea to create a book(s) about Lucky the talking bird. I saw a video on Facebook of Lucky singing and was hooked on this precious bird. Children will be enchanted by Lucky's personality, his brightly colored feathers, and his many friends such as Brutus the Bulldog and Fred the goose. I certainly can recommend this book for children of all ages (I am a 70 year old kid myself)."

Amazon reviewer and follower of Lucky's Instagram account

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"My son totally loved the book. He found the pictures to be very funny and he laughed a lot."

Amazon reviewer

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"Lucky's Pals is a great read incorporating Lucky the talking bird with all his animal friends, their personalities, and some interesting facts about each of them, with some humorous comments to make you smile or chuckle. The story of how Lucky got his name is heartwarming. The colorful pictures are great!"

Amazon reviewer

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