MAD: Move your creativity from a mere hobby to a rock solid livelihood

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

MAD breaks down in simple terms how people of vision live and function, their state of mind and what drives them to succeed above everyone else. The allegory of a MAD man is clear and succinct.


MAD is all a passionate person needs to check his tracks and ensure that he is not alone in the weirdness of his state. It is laced with stories that point towards the normalcy of abnormalities and how passion can drive these things. MAD is all you need whenever you get to the point of feeling like a loser in your life's journey.
Bibi Ukonu
Architect, Post and Novelist @ Griots Lounge,
Author, THINGS THAT START SMALL BUT SWEET (his second collection of short stories and winner 1st Runner Up, ANA/Abubakar Gimba Prize for Short Stories.

About the Author

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