Madman: Diary of a Serial Killer - Part 1

Genre: Horror, Non Fiction, Suspense Thrillers

For Fans Of

Stephen King Thomas Harris

Book Summary

This is the first novel of a four part series. This series will cover the life of a fictional serial killer from birth to adulthood and take the reader inside of the killer's inner most thoughts and desires. This will will make you both hate and empathize with the main charter. In the fourth and final book, the ending will leave you with your jaw dropped asking yourself "How did that happen?" Feel free to read the book if you dare. You may never be the same again.

About the Author


My name is Christopher Bey. I have just self-published my first novel, and I am looking forward to having my book reviewed so that I can see what aspects of the book was written well and which parts of the novel could use improvement. My first novel is going to be a four part series. I enjoy writing, so I decided to try to take my passion to the next level.

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