Magic Kingdom: Issue #1

Genre: Children

Book Summary

"Magic Kingdom" is bright colorful educational magazine for preschool children and children of primary school age. On its pages there are lots of activities for the child’s development: an interesting tale with the beautiful illustrations, educational exercises and activities, a board game, a recipe to cook together with Mum, lessons of the home workshop.
Welcome to the wonderful world of good and wise tales, where everyone can find a pretty princess and naughty king, dwarves and fire-breathing dragons, all-powerful wizards and brave princes.

In this issue:
Fairy tale "Porridge pot"
Fairy tale "Porridge from the axe"
Smart little tasks for little ones
Encyclopedia of fairy-tale characters. Elves
Playdough country. Kitchen


Kids will be thrilled with the stories and exercises in this first book in a delightful series. The book contains two stories. The first is about Mary who is very kind. She gave some of the berries that she picked to some hungry elves. As a reward, they gave her a magic pot. They told her what magic words to say to get the pot to cook sweet porridge and what magic words to say to stop the pot from making the porridge.
One day, Mary was not at home, and her mom said the magic words to make the porridge, but she did not know the words to stop the pot from making the porridge. Soon there was porridge all over the house. And it even began to flow out of the house into the street.
Children will want to know what happens next. They will also learn from the story that good deeds are rewarded.
The second story is called Porridge from an axe. It is just the opposite of the first tale. A soldier asks a greedy woman for food and she claims she has none. He says there is no problem and begins to make porridge from his axe. What happens next is very revealing.
The wonderful book also has fun “tasks for little ones,” an encyclopedia of fairy-tale characters, and an activity of how to make foods from play dough.

I thoroughly enjoyed this first issue of Magic Kingdom magazine. It begins with the tale of Mary who generously shared her berries with the elves. In return they gifted her with a magic pot that produced unlimited porridge. Mary's mom gets over eager and soon floods the whole town with porridge. The second story is a bit longer and more challenging for older readers. A soldier uses his axe to trick a village woman into helping him make a delicious meal. A fairy tale section focuses on the characteristics of elves. My favorite part is the play dough section. Children are shown how to form teapots, frying pans, bread, pizza and candies from play dough encouraging fine motor skill development. Lots of entertainment in the section in which children explore mazes, similarities and differences, math skills and visual discrimination activities.
This magazine is appropriate for preschoolers and primary grade children. It could be shared among siblings, used in homeschooling or integrated into a formal classroom setting. Look forward to seeing more issues.

I was so very excited to read The Magic Kingdom Issue #1. Just by looking at the cover I was captivated by the colorful and delicate illustrations. As you begin your journey into this children's magazine you are introduced to two stories with very attractive and charming illustrations. After you and your little ones read you have a few activity pages: little tasks (pick the right picture, mazes, addition, and find the difference.) Followed by an Encyclopedia of fairy- tale characters (fun elf facts) and then another favorite Play dough Country Kitchen (instructions and pictures on how to make a play dough: tea set and different foods.) My 6 year old daughter went nuts over the play dough ideas. A delightful magazine that will keep you and your little ones entertained, while sneaking in a few educational activities. I love this magazine and would recommend it for children probably ages 3-10 and I think parents will enjoy it too!

What an interesting Children's magazine. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful, and are filled with traditional Slavic visual themes. The main story in the magazine, is about a magic pot elves give a generous little girl, that makes all the porridge you care to eat. That is, until the little girl's mother forgets how to stop the pot from making porridge, flooding the whole village with delicious porridge for all to eat. The activities involve making play food from play dough, solving fun puzzles, little math problems, and a history of the Elves. (Don't worry. It wasn't inspired by Tolkien's Silmarrillion. Just your basic forest elves, playing music that makes people, animals, and even the trees of the forest dance.)
I would especially recommend this magazine for kids from the ages of 3 to about 8 or 9, whose family ultimately come from places like Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, or even Poland. How great would it be to introduce the little ones to the same tails that their Babushka knew, when she was a little girl? Of course, any child's imagination will be stimulated by the fairy tales, and colorful pictures. I found the magazine charming.

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