Magic Kingdom: Issue #3

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Book Summary

"Magic Kingdom" is bright colorful educational magazine for preschool children and children of primary school age. On its pages there are lots of activities for the child’s development: an interesting tale with the beautiful illustrations, educational exercises and activities, a board game, a recipe to cook together with Mum, lessons of the home workshop.
Welcome to the wonderful world of good and wise tales, where everyone can find a pretty princess and naughty king, dwarves and fire-breathing dragons, all-powerful wizards and brave princes.

In this issue:
Fairy tale "The dragon and the soldier"
Smart little tasks for little ones
Encyclopedia of fairy-tale characters. Santa Claus
Little cookery experts. Ruddy apples
Playdough country. Heroes from the fairy tales


The Issue Number 3 of "Magic Kingdom's" magazine for preschool and primary school age children contains 24 pages of Fun, Innovative, Colorful, Entertainment. These magazines can be read independently by older primary school aged children or you can read them to younger, little ones. They are cram packed with fairy tales, interactive games, tasks to complete, mazes, all kinds of fun stuff for kids. This will keep kids busy and they'll keep going back to these magazines. I especially like the bold colors and great artwork used in the magazines. Well Done!!
I have 13 grandchildren, eight of them being the right age for this magazine and they all have sections they like better. So, you may have several children in your household, but they'll all get some use out of the magazines. This magazine has a darling story about a dragon, called, "The Dragon and the Soldier." They have a "Play Dough" section and a "Little Cooks" section. These are so cute, you'll actually want to read them yourself. I don't usually review children's books or magazines, but occasionally make an exception, if I think the work is exceptional. In this case I do. I highly recommend these magazines. Thank you for reading my review.

Book for kids "Magic Kingdom": Issue #3. Fairy tale "The dragon and the soldier". Smart little tasks for little ones. Encyclopedia of fairy-tale characters. Little cookery experts. Playdough country. This book is presented by Zenith Publishing.
This Kindle e-book was approximately 26 printed pages and was free (normally $2.99) at the time of writing this review.
Describe on the page as for ages 0 - 9... hmmm. Not sure what new born is going to be able to comprehend this work... but it will be entertaining for parent and any young child from ages 3 and up.
It begins with a story featuring a series of beautifully colored illustrations about a friendly looking dragon and a soldier. This is followed by some picture games, puzzles and activities for the the various age groups. These exercises are fun, easy to do and stimulating.
A really well done young child's story/activity book. This could easily be shared between the parent and a toddler or perused by the slightly older child... with equally good effect for both groups.

This third issue of Magic Kingdom is a true delight: children will enjoy it for hours. It contains the fairy tale "The dragon and the soldier," some clever mind-testing tasks for children, an encyclopedia of fairy tale characters, a listing of fairy tale heroes, and much more.
In the soldier story, a soldier walks home from war and comes upon a village where all the houses are empty except one. In the one, there is an old man who is crying. He explains to the soldier that from time to time a dragon comes to the village and eats the people. The soldier decides to help the old man and defeat the dragon.
How does he do it? Children will find that what he does is very funny.
Among the several mind-challenging activities, one is challenged to look at ten soldiers and identify the soldiers who look the same. In another, children are encouraged to look at a picture and find the ten presents that are hidden there.
But this is not all there is in this fun child-friendly book.

The Magic Kingdom series is filled with tales of fairies, elves and dragons. Issue #3 doesn't disappoint with the funny tale of a dragon! "The Dragon and the Soldier" story had my whole family giggling at the ending. Followed by the fun "Smart Little Tasks" of: puzzles, mazes and fun tasks. My new favorite section follows the "Encyclopedia of a Fairy-tale Character." To my surprise this issue has a "Little Cook" section, which I hope they continue to incorporate in future issues! Concluding with the my daughter's favorite Play doh Country ." Everyone in my family has a favorite section. Between the extraordinary illustrations, lovable stories, life lessons and fun activities this magazine is a hit with everyone in my household from little ones to mom! I'd highly recommend.

The pictures in this magazine are beautifully drawn and colored, and were the first thing to catch my eye. This is professional artwork worthy of any children's magazine or book.
The story "The Dragon and the Soldier" was cute without being cloying, and had a satisfactory ending children will love. The games were not too hard for a young child, being of the find your way through the pathways and find the matching items variety.
There is a craft section to finish the magazine. Two easy apple recipes led it off, followed by items a child could make from playdough. Once again, the layout is excellent, with a lot of color to grab a child's attention.
Magic Kingdom is one of the best children's magazines I have seen in a while. Five stars.

Magazine for preschool and primary school children offering diverse activities on a variety of grade levels. The featured story about a soldier and dragon is appropriate for beginning readers. Beautiful illustrations enhance the tale. As with other issues of this magazine a fairy tale character is featured, in this case, Santa Claus. In the cooking section children learn how to make Ruddy apples. Christmas themes appear in the play dough activity section. Puzzles include find the similarities and differences, a maze and hidden pictures.
I like the fact that siblings can share and work together with this magazine. Teachers, parents and families will all find something that addresses an interest. Recommended for children from preschool through grade three.

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“Zenith Publishing” is a major producer of reading materials for the whole family. A wide range of magazines and newspapers tailed for the needs of different audience. Any customer can find an interesting publication for leisure time.
“Zenith Publishing” publishes educational magazines and newspapers for children of all ages.
For the youngest readers we offer good tales with moral and beautiful illustrations, as well as developing tasks, games, handwriting worksheets, coloring books, lessons of play dough modeling and handicraft.
For the readers of junior and middle school age we offer interesting crosswords, puzzles, mazes, quizzes, creative master classes and educational articles.

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