Magic Kingdom: Issue #4

Genre: Children

Book Summary

"Magic Kingdom" is bright colorful educational magazine for preschool children and children of primary school age. On its pages there are lots of activities for the child’s development: an interesting tale with the beautiful illustrations, educational exercises and activities, a recipe to cook together with Mum, lessons of the home workshop.
Welcome to the wonderful world of good and wise tales, where everyone can find a pretty princess and naughty king, dwarves and fire-breathing dragons, all-powerful wizards and brave princes.

In this issue:
Fairy tale «The Emperor and the mouse»
Smart little tasks for little ones
Encyclopedia of fairy-tale characters. Cats
Little cookery experts. Emperor’s menu
Playdough country. Plants


This is another great issue of Magic Kingdom. I reviewed this issue with an eight-year-old, and he was interested during our entire time, his favorite parts being the search and find games and the playdough activity. His comment was that it was good, and he would give it "four or five stars."
As usual, the layout is colorful and eye-grabbing, certain to keep the attention of most children. Eight-year-olds are bumping the ceiling for this magazine (we went through the magazine fairly quickly), but younger children will enjoy and probably return to it again and again.
My only issue is the small print used with the featured story. When the print occupies the same space as the picture, it becomes hard to read. On a Kindle, a child could make the print bigger, temporarily sacrificing the wonderful artwork. This issue is tiny and fixable, and thus pales when matched against the positive elements of Magic Kingdom. Another five-star issue.

I'm a big fan of the Magic Kingdom magazine. The issues are so vibrant and packed with activities for little ones and even slightly older ones (my 10 y/o.) They follow a standard format my children have come to recognize (stories, little tasks, encyclopedia of fairy tales, cooking and play doh creations) and truly go nuts waiting for their individual favorites. My son literally won't let me put down the magazine until we go through it all!
My personal favorite this month the "The Emperor and the Mouse. I like how most stories have a lesson and we all share a little chuckle at the end of the stories. As fun and entertaining as these issues are they also teach: life lessons, math, thinking skills, problem solving, cooking, patience, hand coordination for little ones and so much more. One of our favorite magazines to date! I would so recommend to parents and teachers.

What does Zenith Publishing bring you with their "Magic Kingdom" magazines? Search and find games. Great children’s stories. The Play Dough activity is entertaining. Eye catching color filled pages, make the magazine a fun must have for primary aged children. I would honestly put this at three through nine year olds. Although the younger children will need to be read the material, they will still get into it and love the colorful pictures and entertaining stories.
I have 13 grandchildren, with 8 of them being primary school age. Since I read most of my books on the TV, I’ll show this to some of the kiddies on the TV. Some of the print is a bit small, but again, if you run your Kindle for computer on your smart TV, that isn’t an issue. The larger the TV, the bigger the words and of course, you can also make the print bigger. I don’t usually like doing that, because it pushes other things off the page. My sister usually sets it to 125%. Then, I come on and go to print some pages and you guessed it, part of my pages are cut off. GRRRRRR!!! You didn’t reset the size! Yes, I should know by now, to check the settings before I print, but I still assume they’re at 100%, like I left them. Nope!! OK, don’t get me started on sister’s messing with my computer.
I love this magazine, because it’s so kid friendly, interactive and can be used by kids alone or with a well intentioned adult. No experience nessasary, this does all the imagining for you with sweet fresh Fairy Tales and lots of fun things to keep kids busy. "The Emperor and the Mouse" story was so cute I could cry. OK, maybe not cry, but it was cute. Thank you for reading my review.

This is the fourth book in a wonderful child-friendly series with eye-catching colorful drawings. Children will be thrilled with the story of the emperor and the mouse and it will make them laugh. They will like the smart tools in the book that they can play with, the encyclopedia of fairy tale characters, and more.
The story of the emperor is about a very foolish, bad, greedy ruler who was not interested in helping his people. He liked to dress and eat. One day a mouse appeared. No one in the palace ever saw a mouse before and thought it was a monster. They were very frightened. Soon the mouse brought all its relatives to the place. The emperor sent a message to all of his people asking if any could help get rid of the monster. A farmer came to the palace to help the emperor.
Among the tasks are clever games kids will like. There are counting games, find something in pictures, make up a story based on pictures on the page, and more.
Kids will spend hours on using this fun issue.

A fun collection of activities and a story with a moral. This will keep the kids busy for a while. The lavish illustrations will be entertaining in and of themselves. As for the bad day for the mouse? Good, I found where a mouse had gotten into my bag of Goji berries. I hate it when that happens. Fortunately my cat had a good day with the greedy little monster. Although a bit late for the Goji berry bag.

My child always waits for new issues of Magic Kingdom! I'll buy all new releases!

My son is on the autism spectrum and is in a special needs class at school. He definitely needs the extra help dealing with the sensory overload caused by the hustle and bustle of school, but I like to supplement his education a bit at home. I have really enjoyed these magazines because they in addition to the stories, it also provides fun activities that I can do with him. I really enjoyed the theme of this one as well. The bright colors and beautiful illustrations help to hold his attention throughout the stories. I was lucky enough to catch this issue on sale, but it is more than worth the regular cover price.

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About the Author

“Zenith Publishing” is a major producer of reading materials for the whole family. A wide range of magazines and newspapers tailed for the needs of different audience. Any customer can find an interesting publication for leisure time.
“Zenith Publishing” publishes educational magazines and newspapers for children of all ages.
For the youngest readers we offer good tales with moral and beautiful illustrations, as well as developing tasks, games, handwriting worksheets, coloring books, lessons of play dough modeling and handicraft.
For the readers of junior and middle school age we offer interesting crosswords, puzzles, mazes, quizzes, creative master classes and educational articles.

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