Mangal Bazaar

Genre: General Fiction, Romance

Book Summary

This is a story of some extraordinary people of a regular Indian market. The story revolves around the two main characters, Raghu a Hindu boy and Shabbo a Muslim girl, both young shopkeepers of the local MANGAL BAZAAR. Shabbo's gorgeous smile meant everything to Raghu and so was his love to her. Their honesty and responsibility towards their parents imposed an unsaid love. The love that craved togetherness, was desisted by the walls of religion. The walls, which, at least in our country, has managed to stay unbroken. Such love, as witnessed by the time, has always paid a price, a steep price. The story of two inseparable hearts and their sacrifices.

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About the Author

Dharmendra Rajmangal is a Hindi writer, was born (28 june 1993) in Hathras District Uttar Pradesh. He is first writer of his village Panchayat, history of 100 Years. 'Mangal Bazaar' is his first published Novel. second novel 'swapnadosh-the night fail' is as ebook. third 'Amarbel' as ebook. Fourth 'Pavitra Veshya'. Fifth is 'Pathwari'. Sixth is Poetry Collection 'Dil Dariya' . seventh 'Mol Ki'.

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