Measure Twice, Love Once: Flynn's Crossing Romantic Suspense Book 8

Genre: Romance, Romantic Suspense Thriller, Suspense Thrillers

Book Summary

“Fortune smiles upon the brave and frowns upon the coward.”

For Geno Altimari, the old Latin proverb proved to be true. One pivotal night and a denied entreaty changed everything. It cost him years of friendship and missed opportunity for a life that might have been his destiny, simply because he was afraid. Love was never the same. Burying his caution under a laid-back smile made it easier to hide his regrets.

When karma offers him a second chance, he wants to be the man everyone believes he is. His personal apprehension is harder to conquer. But Agnes Amendola needs him, and her daughter longs for something special to make her life complete, something in Geno’s power to provide. Can he overcome his anxiety over his past mistakes? As their teacher said in first grade, Altimari and Amendola sound destined to be together. Maybe this time, fortune will smile upon them.

Length: 92,000 words

The Flynn’s Crossing series is contemporary romance set in the northern California foothills, suspense driven by small town secrets, and complex characters in compelling stories about friendship and love. You can enjoy the books out of order without ruining their surprises!

About the Author

Award winning author and storycatcher Yvonne Kohano writes contemporary romantic suspense in her Flynn's Crossing series, and (as Y J Kohano) psychological thrillers in her Mind Web series. She also writes nonfiction tips for creatives. In addition to running an indie press, Yvonne loves to cook (dedicated foodie), garden (plantaholic), travel (anywhere), and read and learn (anything). Follow her at (fiction), (creativity tips), and Facebook and Twitter to learn what tickles her about being a writer.

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