Mental Toughness Training Program: The Guide to your Peak Performance, State Control, and Self-Discipline

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

Make the First Few Steps to Mental Toughness and Your Peak Performance.

Dear Friends!
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This is the beginner's guide to becoming Mentally Strong!
A small book will help to change your life, to prepare your mind to all stress and other challenges in your life and you will know for sure, how to act in any situations with no doubts.
You don’t need much time to make first steps on the way to your mental strength.
If you are not so lazy and ready for changes and challenges, just spend 40 minutes and read this book, you will be overwhelmed with motivation and willing to act.

On the way to Mental Toughness, you will find out, how to reach your Peak Performance and to become Self-Disciplined.
All those things Are one of the most important things on the way to your success!
Start changing your life NOW! There is no reason to think, just DO IT!

Finally, the book was upgraded and now it has 3 new chapters.

What’s in the box?

What is mental toughness and why is it important?

Using mental toughness to achieve Peak Performance

State control through mental toughness

Mental Toughness for Self-Discipline

How is Mental Toughness achieved?

Hallmarks of Mental Toughness

15 steps to make you Mentally Tough


About the Author

I'm a new in this business. I have spent few years to get rid of my main job and to proceed with book creations. My passion - books which can help my readers to solve problems with mentality, depression, other personal problems. I'm doing this because I have 14 years of Hr Manager experience in huge multinational companies.

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