Military Madness: Volume Two The Yellow Ribbon Chronicles

Genre: General Fiction

For Fans Of

Tanya Biank, Mollie Gross - Confessions of a Military Wife, Gary Chapman, Jocelyn Green

Book Summary

Heather loves Rick. Rick loves Heather. They married and will live happily ever after…

Reality has a nasty way of crashing in on your dreams, especially when your husband wears the uniform of the United States Air Force. When Heather married Rick, she had no idea how much the uniform, and the commitment, would permeate every aspect of her life. The more years they put behind them, the more responsibility gets heaped on them in Rick’s ambition to reach the top of the heap. Friends, family, separations, and surprises await.

Sacrifice, service, heartache, loneliness, strength, and tears. This is the cost of entry into the unique band of individuals known as Military Spouses. Not everyone is up to the task.

Can their marriage survive the strain, or will it shatter?

Join Heather and Rick in this second installment of the trilogy as they continue the journey together. Meet more interesting characters from the unique, and often overwhelming, perspective of a Military Spouse.

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About the Author

Cari has worn numerous hats in her life. She proudly wore the uniform of the United States Air Force, obtained her Bachelor’s degree and worked as a critical care RN for almost a decade. She also owned her own Personal Chef and Catering company for six years. After all that, she chose to turn her attention back to her family.

Closing her business hasn’t made her a couch potato, however. She volunteered at her church, has volunteered her time as a Mentor Mom for two MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) groups, started a thriving book club a few years ago (go figure), and also belongs to a monthly lunch club. She happily entertains people in her home and spends time driving her kids to and from sports practices and games. She not only has a passion for writing, but also for serving. She views writing as a form of service for people from all walks of life. Jesus used story-telling to convey life principles, why can’t we do the same?

She lives in southern Illinois with her ridiculously patient husband of twenty-six years, three children, and her two Chihuahua guard dogs, Snoopy and Stanley McBarker (they are not a couple). The Yellow Ribbon Chronicles is her first trilogy. Volume One - Hello and Goodbye, and Volume Two - Military Madness are currently available at most on-line retailers (both e-book and paperback). Faith, Hope, Love, and Chocolate was her first novel. Cari can be found at and also on Facebook.

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