Mini Sudoku For Kids (4x4) - My First Sudoku Puzzles - Volume 1

Genre: Children, Non Fiction

Book Summary

The easiest way to start with Sudoku puzzles!

Adults should not be the only ones to have fun playing Sudoku. But starting with the usual big puzzles (grid of 9x9) may be too difficult for kids. The best way to enter the world of Sudoku puzzles is with a smaller grid (4x4).

This book contains 100 Mini Sudoku puzzles (4x4 grid) of increasing difficulty, along with their solutions.

And it also presents first a complete method to solve these puzzles (a subset of what is needed for regular 9x9 grid puzzles, so it will serve as a foundation when you upgrade to bigger puzzles).

Rules and techniques are clearly described with diagrams.
A step by step example of a puzzle resolution, from start to finish, completes the instructions.

Table of Contents
1 Description and rules of Mini Sudoku 4x4
2 Techniques to solve a Mini Sudoku puzzle
2.1 Last empty cell in a box, in a row or in a column
2.2 Only one possible cell in a box for a digit
2.3 How to use these techniques
3 Complete example, from start to finish, of a Mini Sudoku resolution
4 Mini Sudoku puzzles
5 Solutions for the Mini Sudoku puzzles
6 Conclusion
6.1 Summary of the method
6.2 Practice and progress
A Appendix

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