Missing or Murder?

Genre: Mystery

Book Summary

A young woman is missing. The police have given up on her. Her mother is frantic. She doesn’t know where to turn. Is she alive or is she dead? Johnny Sundance must find out. 

This mystery takes Johnny outside his comfort zone on several levels. He must travel across the state and across the country in his quest to find the young, beautiful, and innocent woman. On the way, he encounters interesting and entertaining characters, as well as a few nefarious ones. In this thrilling and suspenseful tale he meets the likes of pedophiles in high places and a drug runner at his worst. He ends up on a high mesa in New Mexico where he is unexpectedly shot. This is another fast-paced, page-turner designed to keep you guessing. The mystical turn of events may well surprise you.

About the Author

Ronald J Yarosh AKA "Big Ron" has been writing in several genres for over fifty years. He was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He is a former Special Agent, with the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), where he worked as a Criminal Investigator, and Polygraph Examiner. He also worked as a Communications Officer with a local sheriff’s office. Ronald lives in Central Florida with his wife, Judy. He is currently writing the JOHNNY SUNDANCE, Private Eye, (fast paced) MURDER MYSTERY SERIES. Ron’s books combine mystery, murder, suspense, interesting characters, and a dash of humor. At this time, there are two more books of the series in the final stages of production. They will be released in the very near future.

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