Genre: General Fiction

Book Summary

After working abroad for his entire adult life, he wanted to do something meaningful and returned home to rid the capital city of his home nation of street children. Starting small, with a herbal business, he added health drinks to his growing empire and as the businesses grew he used the money from them to run a charity.

With everything going according to plan, the children's home was finally built. The government was helpful, the grateful public were ecstatic and the children's home was eventually opened with a great fanfare and celebration.

But when the leader from the opposition decided to associate his party with the charity house,suddenly everything changes and problems begin to mount.

As the complications increase, he finds himself in an impossible position and realizes that a decision must be made, even though it is a hard choice.

What will it be? In his final speech to the government, the media and the public, he delivers a shock that nobody saw coming. But what is his final decision?

If you ever thought that giving to charity was easy, think again!

TIM I GURUNG is an author working on 15th book based in Hong Kong, he writes on serious global and social issues, and only writes for his charity - ISSLCARE.

About the Author

I am a Hong Kong based author working on my 15th book, write on serious global and social issues and only write for my charity - ISSLCARE

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