Mithraic Guardian

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romance, Romantic Suspense Thriller

Book Summary

An ancient artifact calls....

Cressidia Markham hasn't always had it easy hiding her 'odd' abilities throughout her life, and now she hides them from the scientific community, she has had her moments. But almost being entombed in an ancient temple and then psychically marrying the temple's resident alien demi-god is over the top even for her.

Alexandros Terranson aka Mithras aka ancient semi-alien demi god Sentinel, is the most frustrating, enthralling, and powerful man she has ever encountered. With him she can be herself and explore all her abilities, but can she get through this without risking everything that she is.

Alex has never met any other human who has the abilities that Cressida possesses, they are destined to unite. His need of her goes beyond anything he has ever experienced.

They form a powerful alliance but can they discover and defeat the powerful enemies that plot the Sentinel's and ultimately humankind's downfall . Will they survive to fulfil their pre-ordained destiny.


Unique and Compelling Novel

"The central protagonist, Cressida Markham is a world renowned archaeologist even though she is quite young at thirty-four. An ancient artifact is calling her name, and find it she must. Her strong professional capabilities along with special psychic abilities are drawing her to a specific site; she knows there is something there and she must investigate. Little does she know that her life is about to dramatically change. Written with easy language and a wonderful ability for realism while creating tension, the author has created a unique and compelling story. This novel is a great mix of real world anxiety and problems with semi-alien gods, most notably Alex, for whom Cressida falls hard. Highly recommend for a mind bending story."

About the Author

Jocasta Montgomery lives in a beautiful Norfolk village and is renovating her Victorian Cottage and its gardens. She has the best of both worlds with frequently visits to London through work.
She has been telling stories to her toys, pets, friends,family and anyone who stopped long enough to listen, since she was a little girl and watched Jackanory. Blame the BBC.

She loves a good old happily ever after, science fiction - having grown up on a steady diet of Dr Who, Star Trek and the X files, plus she loves a good old Agatha Christie who dunnit.
She learned at an early age the joy of reading and is a self-confessed read-a-holic.
She loves the freedom within writing, to let her imagination run wild, and let what if’s become a reality. As a wise woman aka her Grandmother once told her while in bed ill and feeling grumpy about missing out on a visit to the beach. “You can go anywhere in your imagination.” And hopefully her Sentinel Series will help take her reader’s along for the ride.

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