Moms of the Missing

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

“Oh my God, we found a dead body,” the man said in a frantic voice when he called 911. “Please hurry. I’m so scared. It’s a little kid.” The caller was reporting the horrifying discovery he made while hiking along a mountain trail in Cleveland National Forest.

When police officers arrived at the crime scene they were met by a horrific sight. The girl was naked and had been positioned in such a way that detectives believed the murderer had seen his kill as some kind of a trophy. As if he were showing off his “work”.

The little kid was Samantha Runnion, a five-year-old girl who had been abducted while playing in her parents’ garden the day before.

Samantha is just one of too many American kids who disappear. Almost half a million children are reported missing every year. And all across America parents are searching for their missing children or—if the worst case scenario has come to pass—the person who killed them.

Moms of the Missing investigates ten abduction cases. Through personal and heartbreaking interviews with the victims the book describes how parents maintain their hopes of one day finding their children—some of whom were taken by a stranger, a family member, or human traffickers. And two survivors tell what it is like to be held captive.
Moms of the Missing also describes the principal types of abductions, who the perpetrators are, and—not of least importance—who’s most likely to become a victim of the epidemic of missing children.

About the Author

Steffen Hou is a Danish author and filmmaker. As a true crime author, he has covered topics such as innocent Americans on death row, human trafficking, and the white supremacy movement. Moms of the Missing: Living the Nightmare is his third book.

In addition to writing and making documentary movies, Steffen also produces "The Deprived Podcast", which looks into various American crime stories, always with the intent of giving the victims a voice.


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