Murder in the Maternity Ward: The Donahue Brothers of Texas, Book 2 (Texas-Sized Mysteries 5)

Genre: Humour, Mystery, Romance

Book Summary

When drops of blood fall on pregnant US Marshal Maggie Donahue's head, it sets off a zany chain of events that include her new sidekick, Ashanti, another mother-to-be, her partner, Reed, and her long-suffering husband, Garrett. Through twists and turns, discoveries and dead ends, the gang follows the clues until they welcome two new babies into the world and solve the mystery of the murder in the maternity ward!

About the Author

I'm a mom, a crazy cat lady, an author and an entrepreneur. I love to write and I write everything from non-fiction to romance to cozy mysteries to kids stories. I also love to read and some of my favorite authors are Phyllis Whitney, Mary Stuart, Celina Grace, Stephen R. Donaldson, Melissa Storm, Jodi Taylor and Ray Bradbury. I have two grown sons and a cat named Oreo. I also do freelance writing as a ghost writer for people who are struggling to get their story on paper; writing product descriptions; creating email campaigns; and articles.

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