Music of Her Heart

Genre: Christian, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Romance

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Book Summary

Red Dickerson is shocked to see a young woman running through the woods in the freezing rain. He’d gone to the far end of Hawk’s Wing Ranch to think after his engagement was broken by the woman he planned to marry. Recognizing her as Gema Volkovichna, one of the women from Sanctuary House, he spurs his horse to go after her. Finding she’s escaped after being kidnapped by the infamous King Gang, he vows to keep her safe.

Gema Volkovichna is one of the newest women to come to Sanctuary House in Stones Creek, Colorado. She came to find work and possibly a husband. When a spring blizzard forces them to spend three days alone in a line shack, there’s only one conclusion. She and Red must marry to salvage her reputation.

Can Gema and Red learn to be husband and wife? Will love grow from this forced marriage? Will the King Gang return to reclaim what they lost? Can Red and Gema learn to dance together to the MUSIC of HER HEART?


Author Sophie Dawson has once again crafted a unique romance brimming with love, friendship, community and suspense. - Jeffery Ward

Once again, Sophie Dawson delivers a beautiful story. I appreciate the way she develops Gema and Red's relationship while keeping up with the other characters of Stones Creek. I have truly enjoyed Sophie's books and highly recommend them. Looking forward to the next one! - Amazon Customer

The complexity of a good novel but with the ability to be able to relax and escape into this book for a while.
Love the hilarious situations, the depth of characters, and even with a language barrier of sorts that two hearts can fall in love. There is never any doubt in Sophie Dawson's books that there is always things going on, a lot of action, and some good clean romance. - Cynthia Boylan

True Love is a God given love! This story tells of heartache and healing, devastation and deliverance! Only God could provide a happy ending in this tale!! - Kindle Customer

About the Author

Sophie Dawson has made up stories in her head all her life. It wasn’t until 2011 that she began writing typing them out.

Her first books were all historical fiction romance. They’ve won multiple awards and garnered rave reviews. Now, Sophie has branched out into contemporary romance though she plans to continue writing historical and hopes to add more books in her popular Cottonwood and Stones Creek series.

Sophie lives with her husband and very old cat on a farm in western Illinois. She’s an avid seamstress and was a professional quilter for a number of years before the writing bug bit. She’s just thankful it’s not fatal.

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