My BIG Book of Beginnings

Genre: Children

For Fans Of

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Book Summary

Who is it there, lying deep in your heart? Is it a song? Or a lion? Or perhaps a buzzing bee?

With what language does that who within you speak?

My Big Book of Beginnings! is a fun and whimsical journey into the nature of our divine essence, our capacity for infinite imagination, and our unlimited potential to create the world we experience around us.

This book is guaranteed to awaken the youngest and oldest of us all, into the Truth of our existence and the gifts we came here to bring!


"My grandchildren enjoyed the story and the illustrations are very beautiful." - Tim Moen

“This book is so beautiful. “ - Cameron Hoffer

“My goodness gracious me…. This book is so glorious. So beautiful and sweet and touching. The artwork is stunning. I cry each time I read it!” - Krystal Patience

“I wish I had such a book when I was very young.” - Burt Harding, Author and Spiritual Teacher

“Charlotte took the book as her show n tell today at her class and everyone loved it! They all had their hands up for questions and comments. Even the kid who doesn’t participate in stuff was fascinated and made a comment too….. They asked about the magic, the trees and the lion.” - Francesca Murray

" Your book is beautiful and very sweet!....I wish you the best of luck with the publication of this lovely book.” - Donna Miele

About the Author

Beloved Connections, a children’s picture book publishing brand run by emerging author Carmel Stoesz, is on a mission to change the lives of 1 million children this year. Carmel believes that she can accomplish that with her books, which aim to build an unshakable foundation of mental health and self-awareness during the most formative years. Through imaginative curiosity and captivating illustrations, she intends to awaken children of all ages to their infinite potential and the gifts that lie within.

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