My Italy


Book Summary

A light-hearted collection of tales from Valery’s travels as a tour leader – this time Italy is your destination.

A beautifully written, descriptive book detailing the delights that Italy has to offer.  Hotel and trip fiascos, the exploits and expectations of group members ... Valery is professional to the last.  Comments and suggestions are taken on board but she battles through to endeavour that everyone has a holiday to remember.  Some, it seems, are determined to remember their holiday for the wrong reasons.

You can imagine yourself in the sunshine sitting in a piazza with a coffee and a pastry watching the world go by ... or struggling through the unexpected heavy snowfall at Lake Garda. 

Different situations are approached in different ways by holidaymakers ... let the fun begin!Descriptive, funny and beautifully written, ‘My Italy’ will have you rushing to the airport to explore these stunning towns and villages. 


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About the Author

Destined for a career in a legal profession I decided to take a year out and spent the time travelling as a tour leader. This gap year has now extended to eighteen years during which I have visited more than seventy different countries and met hundreds of people. A few years ago I decided to write about my experiences - the places I visited and the people I met. I have had three books published in my own name and I am responsible for a fourth - The Rookie Rep by Alessia George. All of these books were published my Pegasus Eliott MacKenzie and they are all available on Amazon.

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