Myhat in Egypt: Through the Eyes of a God

Genre: Historical Fiction

For Fans Of

Ancient Egypt, Time Travel, Murder Mystery

Book Summary

A journey to Egypt, a journey through time and space, as told by Mhyat, a Fedora, who witnessed and saw through the eyes of a God. Set in 1989, 1990, 2010 and 4000 years ago, in Egypt's Twelfth dysasty

Before I tell you about my incredible adventures, I must explain that I am a Fedora hat!

I am no ordinary hat. I am able to see, hear, smell, feel and even taste through the senses of the person wearing me. In fact, I can pick up on their thoughts, memories, dreams and even fears. I watch, listen and remember.


Giuseppe A, India: "I started reading Myhat in Egypt by Alun Buffry expecting something quite different from Alun's first novel, All about Myhat, and at first I was slightly disappointed because it looked like Myhat in Egypt followed the same pattern as All about Myhat, i.e. a good story, but interspersed with lots of travel brochure like information about the various places encountered during the narration. Half way through the book, though, it all changed, and I was captivated by the unexpected and thrilling direction the story was taking.
All in all Myhat in Egypt is a good novel, well crafted, and one that should not be missed."
Giuseppe Albero is the author of A Forest Full of Monkeys and Barefoot in the Himalayas.

Chris P, Essex: "Having met "MyHat" in 'All about My Hat , the hippy trail' , I am delighted to learn of new adventures in 'MyHat in Egypt through the eyes of a god'. Mr Buffry writes with humour and eloquence, transporting the reader through time and space into the magical world of MyHat.

About the Author

A graduate in Chemistry in 1971; my main interests are Ancient Egypt, Science Fiction, History and sciences; I am a campaigner for human rights and the ending of cannabis prohibition. Now retired, I spend time travelling and writing. I have written and seld-published several boots and am working on more.

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