Na Bolom: House of the Jaguar

Genre: Action Adventure, Romantic Suspense Thriller

For Fans Of

Carlos Casteneda, Lynn V. Andrews, J.G. Ballard, Carl Hiaasen

Book Summary

Paleontologist Peter Campbell is content working among his dinosaur bones in the basement of the Denver Museum of Natural History. When his love interest Jazmin Rivera, an accomplished botanist, disappears in the uncharted jungles of southern México with the vulnerable Lacandón tribe, he must travel into an ancient land clouded by legend and mystery to find her.

Entering a tangled Chiapan landscape that mirrors the darkness within himself, Campbell must escape the Mexican Special Forces trailing the tribe, and an ancient foe who has pursued him through past incarnations. With the guidance of an enigmatic Maya shaman, Chan, Campbell must face his fears and find his true self in the House of the Jaguar.

Set in a brilliantly conceived world threatened by corruption and greed, Na Bolom: House of the Jaguar questions the realities we create, and challenges the conventional wisdom that the Earth may be used however we desire.


By K.J. Rollinson

This ethereal book is fascinating and intriguing.

We all know that greed and a cavalier approach is destroying the environment, irrespective of our growing awareness that we are destroying our future salvation. The book touches on these problems with a completely unique approach.

Peter Campbell, anthropologist with the Denver Museum of Natural History, experiences flashbacks of previous lives when he enters the South American jungle, as far back as the Dinosaur period. I thought this very symbolic as despite their destruction, earth has still survived and has evolved into the world we know today.

Perhaps I missed something but I was puzzled that Peter is attacked by a jaguar, and is near to death, when Chan, a Shaman, tells him that Bolom: Spirit of Darkness (the jaguar) is there to aid him. I resolved this by assuming that the jaguar had attacked Peter when he was a MAN, but as his psyche merges with the forest and he becomes as one' with the trees,
plants and animals he discovers the 'Spirit.'

The descriptions of the jungle are breathtaking and almost poetical I quote an
example. 'In a gentle dance that played to the wind's music...'

If anyone is concerned with the environmental impact that we are facing, I recommend this mystical book to you.

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About the Author

Forrest Hayes’ experiences in Chiapas, México in the 1980s and 1990s rattled around in his head, inspiring a short story that morphed into a novel - Na Bolom: House of the Jaguar. He resides in Prescott, Arizona.

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