Never Get Old

Genre: Humour

For Fans Of

Kurt Vonnegut Richard Brautigan Charles Bukowski Hunter S. Thompson Barbara Woodhouse on LSD

Book Summary

Alvin is a tiny, geriatric dachshund who woke up in a rusty cage at the dog pound. The only crime Alvin is guilty of is being old. Life is not fair. Alone and at the mercy of others, Alvin innocently touches the lives of those he meets in ways they never would have expected or imagined…or wanted.
Treachery. Deceit. Lies. Greed. Sloth. Revenge. These vile warts of the human condition reveal themselves with disturbing illiberality during one single day in the life of one single dog.
Good intentions create spectacular disasters in this comedy about an innocent dog and his unique journey home.

About the Author

I am a professional stage manager, actor and artisan. My wife and I run a hospice for little old dogs out of our home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

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