Never To Be Ignored

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Suspense Thrillers

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H.A Dawson writes engaging thrillers triggered by tantalising mysteries wrapped in dramatic suspense. There is a blitz of material coming so be prepared you'll be enthralled, especially if you follow authors such as Robert Galbraith, Ian Rankin, A J Waines, Val McDermid, Dean Koontz and Jodi Picoult.

Book Summary

A dying woman deceives her nurse and then betrays her. The only objective is a warped sense of justice. The victims are inconsequential to a poisoned mind that's festered for so long.

Shona wishes the best for this terminal cancer patient. She's pushed into a distressing situation by her charge. Nurses are rarely prone to brash actions, but Shona’s bound by emotional chains. Her charge is obsessed with revenge and this leads onto a trail of destruction. In wars, there are no winners and there’s no escaping the unfortunate consequences. Will Shona want to survive?

This is one book from H.A Dawson's catalogue of gripping stories based around determined women, embracing gritty themes with the strength of drama you would expect from the BBC.

H.A Dawson's Books

About the Author

H.A Dawson writes for the mystery-suspense-thriller genres. The books are based around wide spectrum themes often with a gritty nature. The current catalogue consists of 24 books a mixture of novellas and novels, including 3 series.
The plots are plausible, strong and fast paced, enhanced by interesting characters. Capable females figure throughout the stories their presence is essential in maintaining a real world balance.
The author is a former software developer, an outdoor enthusiast and adventurer having some “hair raising” experiences in various parts of the globe. Books were always secreted in her rucksack. Reading is the ideal relaxation after being chased by a hippo, pestered by a troupe of baboons or a snapping alligator whose head was struck by a canoe paddle because it was concealed in the reeds!
These experiences with countries, people and adrenalin create the ultimate mix for stirring a writer’s imagination. The elements of psychological suspense in H.A Dawson's stories make for a superb backdrop to leave you guessing and eager to turn the proverbial page.

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