Night and Day

Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Thrillers, Young Adult

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My readers compare my debut novel to The Secret Garden, Jane Eyre, and Silas Marner.

Book Summary

Spirited, artistic thirteen-year-old Lydia Cavert lives a happy life with her family in London until war breaks out in Europe. Evacuated from London in 1940, she’s sent to live at Laurelhurst Manor, her father’s family home, with her uncle Alistair. Upon arrival, she’s enrolled in Mount Carmel College for Young Women.

But Laurelhurst Manor harbours a secret, one so sinister that Alistair Cavert and his physician friend, Dr Horace Goodall will do nearly anything to keep it hidden, including harming an innocent child. A secret so deadly it sent an innocent man to prison.

Teenage Lydia battles mean cliques at school, night terrors, the loss of her parents, and the effects of the war. It’s a game of cat-and-mouse for Lydia as she fits the pieces of the puzzle together from childhood memories that others would like to keep buried.

Set against the backdrop of the Homefront in Britain during the Second World War, Lydia must navigate treacherous waters that will question her sanity and courage but finds hope and love in her group of school friends and the flights of blossoming love in a wartime dance hall. Will Lydia hold on to the light as she unravels the deadly truth to Laurelhurst Manor or will she fall prey to the darkness?

Night and Day is a tale of courage, hope, and determination in the midst of fear. Readers of Night and Day compare its excellent storytelling, moving characters, and compelling dialogue to Jane Eyre, The Secret Garden, and Silas Marner.

About the Author

Kellie Butler is a freelance writer, author, and Certified Paralegal. She holds a degree in Political Science and concentration in Modern Languages from Mississippi State University. She also holds a certificate in Paralegal Studies from Louisiana State University.

Night and Day, Volume 1 of The Laurelhurst Chronicles is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Kellie has lived and travelled around the world but lives in a quaint historic town in Mississippi. She loves coffee, walks with her dog, yoga, knitting, and classic film.

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