No Kids Required

Genre: General Fiction, Non Fiction

Book Summary

No Kids Required is the story of 20 women who are choosing to be childfree. It showcases the blessings and burdens that come with their decision, how they fill their free time, and the countless reasons why these women decided that kids are not required. It’s an honest and insightful story about respecting one another’s choices and living life on your terms.


"Author Jenn Sadai states early on she feels she's 'writing on eggshells,' trying to walk the fine line between expressing the value of motherhood and the validity of choosing a childfree lifestyle. Jenn touches on a number of sensitive topics with grace and passion, giving voice to not only her own thoughts, but those of 20 diverse women with unique perspectives on what choosing to be child-free means for them. She eloquently expresses her view while being mindful of a woman's right to choose, no matter what that choice might be. I found No Kids Required to be both refreshing and nuanced." -- JUSTINE ALLEY DOWSETT, Publisher (Mirror World Publishing)

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About the Author

Jenn Sadai has combined her love of writing with her passion for empowering women into two inspiring series. The Self-esteem Series is comprised of four non-fiction stories that tackle various issues that impact women's self-esteem. Her first book, Dark Confessions of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman, delves into the dark consequences of domestic violence, drug use, and depression.

Dirty Secrets of the World's Worst Employee addresses bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace. Cottage Cheese Thighs combats every woman's battle with the scale. No Kids Required is the true stories of 20 trailblazing women who've chosen not to have children.

Her Own Hero was her first book in the fictional Survivor Series and it's an action-packed suspense that proves women have the power to save themselves. Her Beauty Burns is Katelyn from Her Own Hero's back story. There are six more strong characters from Her Own Hero that will get to share their own story in future Survivor Series stories.

Jenn Sadai is a proud Canadian, born in Windsor, Ontario, where she resides with her heroic husband and two lovable labs. Jenn can always be reached through the various social media links on her website, or at

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