No More Heroes - #1 Dystopian Thriller Heroes Series

Genre: Action Adventure, Dystopian and Futuristic, Sci-fi, Suspense Thrillers

For Fans Of

George Orwell Suzanne Collins Anthony Burgess

Book Summary

No More Heroes-#1 Dystopian Thriller Heroes Series is a fast-paced, dystopian thriller.

Scrapping on the streets suited Ben Jackman until his past returned to ask a favor. Run, hide, or fight? If only the favor didn’t involve the girl.

Ben's world has gone mad. Riots and looting have brought soldiers onto the streets. Terrorism is the norm. And the man who married his childhood sweetheart, the man he once called a friend wants him to babysit his large black sports bag jam-packed full of trouble.

When his ex-friend is found dead, battered and dumped in the vacant land adjoining Ben's squat, the Law and the owners of the bag invade Ben's world looking to ask questions.

He turns to his childhood sweetheart, but that is his first mistake. Losing the bag is his second.
Ben must find the bag, find the killers of his old friend, and live happily ever after with the girl.

Alas, two out of three is the best he can hope for.

No More Heroes, #1 Dystopian Thriller Heroes Series. If you love fast-paced adventure, engaging characters, a load of intrigue with a dystopian setting to wet your pants, then you’ll love the first installment of Roo I Macleod’s page-turning thriller series.


This book is an action packed crime thriller that is set in a messed up version of London that feels almost like the past set in the near future. If you like dark action books with unique stories and eccentric characters you will enjoy this book-OD Book Reviews

No More Heroes is an entertaining romp though a broken dystopian society ...-Clabe

Roo I MacLeod's Books

About the Author

Roo I MacLeod is the author of the Dystopian Thriller Heroes Series featuring Street Boy, a vagrant living on the streets and Wolf Girl, a vigilante copper working with the homeless to bring justice to the nation of Albion Minor.

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