No Writing On Walls: The Shitter Book (or A Construction Job Site Outhouse Expose')

Genre: Non Fiction

For Fans Of

The outhouse, construction, potty humor, poop art, observational literature...

Book Summary

Inside this unique expose' you'll discover what actually happens once the hard working construction worker steps inside the job site outhouse to take care of business. What is left inside the outhouse is more than what they came to do. The construction worker thoughts about politics, love, hate, women, other workers, the job, anatomy, art, poetry, religion, sex, drugs, and comments about the place where this all occurrs, are all left inside the shitter walls for the other workers to see when they enter to do their doodie.
Now author C.J. Phuuphaus has recorded and published these observations, or "shittags," for the rest of the world to see. If you've ever cared about, or were curious about, what goes on inside these places of bowel and urine relief, this is the book for you. And if you're one to never fathom what could be going on inside the construction jobsite outhouse, the inside of the shitter and this book may be an eye-opening experience for all.

About the Author

Author C.J. Phuuphaus worked in large scale construction for 35 years. He began photographing and documenting the jobiste outhouse during the last 20 years of his career, and has now placed his photos and observations in a book to share with all.

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