Genre: Action Adventure, Suspense Thrillers

For Fans Of

Daniel Silva, Robert Ludlum & John le Carré ...

Book Summary

When ambitious British journalist Jack Steele travels to the Russian Far East to investigate the mysterious disappearance of two UN officials, he becomes embroiled in a secret, international military and political conspiracy to destroy a North Korean nuclear reactor along with several thousand innocent North Korean religious prisoners. In this espionage action thriller, Steele's encounters with blackmail, suicide bombers, double agents, unwelcome romance, rogue military forces, and a full-on tank assault will excite fans of British and American spy thrillers as he incurs the wrath of British, US, and North Korean authorities and a Russian organized-crime boss, all of whom want him dead.

As if that wasn't enough, Steele alone holds the key to defeating the twisted and ruthless external reality of international politics, diplomacy, and unexpected evil in the Tumen triangle of Russia, North Korea, and China.

From London to Moscow to Vladivostok and into the secret world of Pyong Yang, Steele must continually choose: fight, flight, report … or die?


“A stunning and powerful book—Lyntton’s Jack Steele takes the reader into the dangerous territory of political violence, leading him into a nightmarish choice
between saving the lives of strangers and his personal fight for survival and those he loves. Emotion and thought-provoking. You won’t want to put it down!”—Sophie Jenkins, author of A Random Act of Kindness and The Forgotten Guide to Happiness.

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About the Author

Richard Lyntton was born Richard Bramford in Highgate,
London. He attended William Ellis School, Exeter University,
Moscow State Linguistic University (formerly Maurice Thorez
Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages),
and Sandhurst. Richard served as a captain and tank commander
in the British Army in the first Gulf War; European
Community Task Force Humanitarian Liaison in Russia;
UNHCR Liaison Officer, and United Nations Military Observer (during heavy
shelling and NATO airstrikes) in Sarajevo, Bosnia; and was a
United Nations Television producer in former Yugoslavia. He
was called to testify at the International War Crimes Tribunal
in the Hague after witnessing and filming human rights
atrocities and abuses in Bosnia. His films are archived at the
Imperial War Museum, London.
When he’s not writing, Richard is a professional actor and
QVC USA on-air guest host. He lives in Philadelphia with his
wife, interior designer Michelle Wenitsky, and their two sons.

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