North of Forty

Genre: Romance

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Romance, curvy women qnd confident women

Book Summary

Cecelia Carter, Sasha Simms, and Nadine Peterson have worked hard and gained the upper hand in work, life, and love. As curvy women in the bridal world, an industry that's more about size and image than about the actual marriage, they do their best to keep their clients focused on love, and a life well-lived beyond the "I do."

When Sasha's approached about doing a wedding reality series, she's intrigued, but she doesn't know if she can sell Cecelia on the idea. The format is supposed to focus on their bridal businesses, women’s challenges in the business world, with a little bit of their personal lives thrown in, culminating in Cecelia's own upcoming wedding. It seems innocuous enough—until the cameras start rolling. And when they catch moments they shouldn't, things begin to spin out of control—Cecelia's vindictive ex looking for a payday. Nadine's engagement hanging in the balance over a secret that could ruin her life with her new fiancé. Sasha’s boyfriend caught on camera, turning what she thought was a dream man into a heartbreaking nightmare. And Cecelia's own upcoming nuptials...

About the Author

I am a contemporary romance novelist, wedding writer, and award winning romance writer. I received Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for my first novel, Not His Type in 2007, I was a finalist for Foreword Book of the Year for Down That Aisle In Style: a Wedding Guide For Full Figured Women in 2007. I've published12 books. My niche is still a chick lit, fiction for women north of forty, north of forty plus and south of thirty-nine who haven’t hung up their chick status. When I'm not writing, I read a lot, cook, bake and try to spend time with family. I live in New York.

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