Genre: Non Fiction, Poetry, Young Adult

Book Summary

A life story told through poetry. A collection of poetry written by Roxana Preciado from 1998 to 2016. Roxana was born in Jalisco, Mexico and at the age of four she immigrated to the United States. Recorded in her poetry book is her story throughout the years, one of tragedy, endurance, and harsh realities. Through her poetry, Roxana shares how she overcame teen homelessness, addiction, and her undocumented status. Her story is one of survival and eventual success. Roxana is graduating with her MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, and continues her advocacy work for her various communities. In her poetry you will find her story of how she chose not only to survive, but thrive. It is more than autobiographical poetry, it is a real story about beating the odds.

About the Author

About the Author

Roxana Preciado is an indie author and artist recognized for her work as a poet and activist. Born in Jalisco, Mexico, she migrated to the US at 4-years-old and has been writing poetry since the age of twelve. She is the author of four poetry collections, having just released Trauma for Sale, a compilation of Preciado’s experiences as a person of color managing migration, social class, higher education, and mental health issues. Her third book, Hood Educated is an exploration of Preciado’s evolution and healing, as she connects the disparate parts of her past self into a unified whole.

Not a Writer, Preciado’s second book, explores topics such as depression, suicide, sexuality, and immigration. In her first book, Not a Fairytale, Preciado recounts her life through poetry. Taken from childhood journals, Not a Fairytale recounts the harsh realities of overcoming family tragedy, homelessness, her undocumented status, and learning what life is like without an anchor to parent or country.

Preciado uses poetry and her story to support community engagement and activism around DACA and, as a survivor, to raise awareness about violence against women. She often speaks to Latinx and LGBTQ+ youth to help them find their voice and tell their stories. Preciado has completed her MS degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and continues her advocacy work for her various communities. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her wife and son.

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