Nuts and Bolts of Manipulation

Genre: Non Fiction, Short Stories

Book Summary

It is normal for the person on receiving end of manipulation to feel used and abused. Manipulation is always done with a goal or purpose in mind. Understanding the motives behind the manipulation is of utmost importance.

Manipulation occurs everywhere and every day. It happens in personal relationships, offices, business corporations, politics and social groups. Manipulation becomes far more plausible and easy when the manipulator knows you are dependent on them. Financial, emotional or sexual over-dependence on the manipulator give them power over you.

Passive-aggressive behavior, anger, fear of repercussions, emotional and sexual manipulation is often used in personal relationships for manipulator’s own gratification and need to gain power and control in relationships. Silent treatments and withholding sex or affection can be frustrating and deeply impact the psyche of the person on receiving end. Such manipulation makes you feel guilty for a crime that you haven’t committed.

This book is NOT about commonplace and well known manipulation tactics. It is about the subtle kind of manipulation which often goes unnoticed. You get a hunch, your gut tells you that you are being manipulated, but you can’t exactly put your finger on it. This is exactly the kind of manipulation, you should be wary about. If you know it, you can be well prepared to defend yourself against the manipulation.

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