Genre: Humour, Romance

Book Summary

My life is a mess, my boyfriend's an idiot, and he’s broke up with me because apparently, I’m a dirty sex addict who’s rubbish in bed. Yeah, this might need more than a bottle of whiskey or two to get over.
My two best friends can’t even help with this one. So, I escape to Spain for a two-week working holiday, open-minded and ready for some new adventures.
However, life has a funny way of turning everything on its head, and my two weeks away makes me realise. I had everything I wanted right in front of my eyes and was oblivious to it all.
On my return, things have changed, developments I had not expected. My relationship with my best friends will never be the same again. The end result is nowhere near what I was expecting, and I’m not prepared for it at all.
A light-hearted, humorous, hot and steamy MMF Ménage Romance, with no cheating and an HEA.

About the Author

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