Genre: Action Adventure, Conspiracy Thrillers, Dystopian and Futuristic, Horror, Sci-fi

Book Summary

In 2015 a worldwide major incident was declared when the impact of mankind's pollution started to have a serious effect on the oceans ecosystem and marine life. Whales washed up on beaches in the thousands, investigations revealed plastics to be responsible. Following this were sharks, dolphins, fish and much more. The seas became toxic, millions upon millions of sea life dying. Marine life disappeared from the oceans, affecting food supplies and livelihoods. In 2017 the World Directorate issued an order to take control and clean the oceans. Every country in the world worked together, pooling resources, manpower and expertise. The OCEAN SWEEP project was born, automated ships that would run on clean energy, air, solar and hydro and at the same time clean the oceans. In 2020, twenty OCEAN SWEEP ships were commissioned and set out to sea, the project was successful. Six months later during a software update, the ships stopped. A terrorist group, acting on behalf of the oceans hacked the ships and updated the directives. Five of these ships, unknown to the project were weaponised. Protecting the oceans, the ships viewed mankind as a threat. 2035. The World Directorate attempts to take back the ships, only to find they have adapted.

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About the Author

New author from South East London, UK.

I write Science Fiction and Horror.

Currently working on my fourth book.

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