Once Upon a Cliche, A Peaceful Pilgrim Novel by Karen Wiesner

Genre: Romance

Book Summary

A series of unfortunate events leads an unlikely damsel in distress on a crazy, mixed-up journey in which everything goes wrong...only to go perfectly right when she finds her heart's desire right back where she started.
Detached and ignored for most of her life, Brayla Sullivan is the awkward, ugly duckling destined for spinsterhood who's never been kissed, never gone anywhere beyond the small town she was born and raised in. When she starts corresponding with a man from a "Meet Exotic Singles" website and he suggests they meet, she drops everything to fly to him in a last-ditch effort to find her happily-ever-after.
The only son in a family of daughters, Shaun Levi, Peaceful's Chief of Police, has never looked the part of a dashing hero. Whenever he'd opened his mouth, his sisters had spoken for him or over him, and now any attempts at conversation with the opposite sex lead him to either a loss for words or making a mess that's ensured he'll stay a bachelor for life. Brayla has been nothing more than a buddy he's known all his life. But, when a kiss between them on a particularly lonesome New Year's takes a turn for the what-have-we-done?, he sees a side to his old friend he never anticipated...and the consequences may just leave him without a friend or a prayer of convincing her they could share so much more.
Brayla's poorly-conceived plan to meet Mr. Right veers from point A to Z to F and every-sad-where in-between, leaving her hopelessly lost and desperate for someone to rescue her. Everything she expects to happen falls through while the unexpected may turn into everything she's ever dreamed of...or all she's dreaded. On the rocky road to happily-ever-after, who knows what can happen?

About the Author

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