One, Two, Three: Learn to count ( funny nursery rhymes )

Genre: Children

Book Summary

..One two three - look at magic trees!
Three four five - look at the blue sky!...

Dear Parents!

This is a unique "book - a toy" in your hands. The funny nursery rhymes help your child quickly and easily learn to count from one to twenty-one. The book is made as a short speech, where figures combine into a group of three numbers.

Scientifically proven fact that a human being quickly and easily remembers a large volume of objects, digits, numbers, if they are grouped into several parts for one block of information. The memory is arranged in such a way that it can store in the short-term area no more than 5-7 individual blocks at the time. Plus the general thing is that information in the verses is assimilated much faster, much longer stored in short-term memory and quickly falls into a long-term area.

Learn together with the child a poem verse "One, two, three" and enjoy learning to count.

Please pay special attention!
This book is not a textbook of mathematics and does not explain the meaning and quantitative characteristics of numbers. "One, two, three" is aimed only at rapid learning and memorizing of digits and numbers!

About the Author

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