Our Undefeated Mind: Resilient and Victorious Against All Odds

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

Our Undefeated Mind. Resilient and Victorious Against All Odds

Undefeated mind – it’s not just a superhero power. All of us are gifted with such ability. You just need to discover it in within. “Undefeated mind” is a synonym to the word “SUCCESS” , so if you want to be successful – just follow this book.
Every one of us has been blessed with a powerful mind, an organ that is so incredible, it defies explanation. The human mind is capable of rethinking, recharging, readjusting, and relearning to make it resilient, strong, and adaptable making it victorious against all adversities faced each day.
This book teaches us

All your previous fails becomes an experience and leads to success

Resiliency in the Face of Bitterness and Depression

Winning Over Failed Relationships and Break-ups

Picking Yourself up After Falling

Learn, Live, and Love to the Fullest

About the Author

I'm a new in this business. I have spent few years to get rid of my main job and to proceed with book creations. My passion - books which can help my readers to solve problems with mentality, depression, other personal problems. I'm doing this because I have 14 years of Hr Manager experience in huge multinational companies.

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