Over the bridge

Genre: Suspense Thrillers

Book Summary

Athens, Greece, 1973: A man flees to England after betraying his friends to the secret police while under torture.

Bristol, England, 1974: A man with huge gambling debts and no prospect of repaying them decides to end it all.

The two strangers meet by chance when one dissuades the other from jumping to his death from the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Both men harbour a guilty secret and live in fear of discovery by their respective pursuers. They unwittingly become bound together in a plan to ensnare a notorious criminal, each unaware of the other’s involvement. As their pasts begin to catch up with them, a series of unexplained calamities occur and both grow increasingly paranoid, to the point of suspecting one another of conspiring with their enemies.


Read me.
Fantastic book.

This is not only a great story from beginning to end, but packed with interesting history and cultural references.

Five Stars
great read

Thriller plus
I loved the twists and turns and yet one could keep up with it - unexpected ending

About the Author

Frank Bray was born and bred in Bristol and now lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, by way of Swansea, Cardiff and Bury St. Edmunds.

When not writing, he divides his time between his family (wife and two daughters), the occasional visit to the gym, some voluntary work, pub quizzes and music. He also plays guitar in a local rock band, Black'n'Blue.

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