Paprika and Goulash - 25 Best Recipes of Hungarian Goulash

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

This book is about food and also about friendship and love.
It is about cooking and about savoring the best tastes Hungary has to offer.
To taste the Hungarian cuisine is to immerse yourself into a sea of spices, to let yourself be taken by a wave of unique combinations and to enjoy every bit and every mouthful, like enjoying life itself. Because you cannot really enjoy the Hungarian best unless you learn to enjoy life and everything it has to offer.
After visiting Hungarian countryside in 2017, I felt I had to share my experience with everyone. That is why this book is a little more than just a recipe booklet – it is a manifest for the Hungarian people and the Hungarian culture.
This book speaks about goulash and stews, about paprika and other spices, plus it has a lot of delicious recipes (even for veggies) – from main dishes to soups, desserts or even pickles – but it also speaks about people, places, wine and the very interesting Hungarian culture.
Cook and enjoy these very special twenty-five easy recipes of the most famous Hungarian dish: the goulash. Also, this book contains ten more recipes bonus with the most celebrated Hungarian foods and a surprise chapter I let you discover for yourselves.
These are recipes with a pinch of love!
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About the Author

Adrian V. Proca is an enthusiastic nature scholar and passionate adventurer. His homeland, Romania, offers a wide variety of activities like mountaineering, fishing, hunting, bird watching and so on that is very attractive for the tourists, as well as for the locals.
Adrian is a botanist by profession and in this capacity he has traveled intensively, mostly across his country, but also across the European continent.
Hobbies: observing nature, rock climbing, fishing, trekking, writing.
His favorite quote is: “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience,” by R. W. Emerson

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