Genre: Sci-fi

Book Summary

PARADIGM is the first in a series of sci-fi short story collections.

A ranger of the galaxy’s greatest wonder. An old-timer willing to take any measure to remain completely human. A desperate sergeant doing all she can to stop the last few humans from being wiped out. Meet these, and more, in this exciting collection.

HALF AND HALF: For all Johnny Taylor knows, he's the last untainted human being alive, he’ll do anything not to become one of "them". Or will he?

INTO INFINITY: Asra, a ranger stationed at Lake Infinity, is ordered with the hateful task of guiding an important journalist around one of the galaxy’s greatest, yet most dangerous, wonders. What was meant to be a routine journey turns into something else entirely. The question is: Will either of them make it back alive?

FRONTIER: When the Pilgrim Six crashes on a planet like earth, its crew inadvertently starts a war. Can Sgt. Garcia turn the tide before the last remnant of mankind are wiped out?

3 MILLION BC: When a sign in the sky heralds the end of the world Drakan must do all he can to ensure his race survives. But how can he save the very people who want him dead?

About the Author

I am a writer of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I have a number of short story collections and an original three-part series in the works. My first full Science Fiction novel will launch inApril 2017 and my first Fantasy novel will launch in December 2017.

If you wish to get in contact to share promotions or learn more about my work just get in touch.


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