Patchwork Pieces

Genre: Suspense Thrillers

For Fans Of

Gillian Flynn Paula Hawkins Clare Mackintosh Dan Brown

Book Summary

Concluding the award-winning trilogy...

An explosive psychological thriller series for fans of Gone Girl and The Girl with No Past.
For a British barrister to forsake the law, the reason must be serious. For him to step all the way outside of it, the reason must be deadly.

Lawrence Juste is a very different man to the one everyone thought he was. He’s a very different man to the one he thought he was too. But then, when you’ve just found out your whole world has been built around everyone else’s deceit and your lies are fairy tales by comparison, why should anyone be as they appear to be? Or anything end how it appears to end? Especially if there’s revenge involved and you’re a man on the edge of oblivion.

Vigilante justice, murder, or just rewards? You choose.

Patchwork Pieces is the final book in the Patchwork People series.


"'Just because you're related doesn't mean you can trust anyone.’ Psychological thriller fiction" is the assigned genre of the PATCHWORK project...Now, with PATCHWORK PIECES, I get it... It is difficult to review the third in a set that has a single plot as complex as this one. It will make a great TV series if anyone can do it, something like BBC's "Broadchurch" ("Gracepoint" in the United States)... brilliant, to be sure...”

- Karen Dahood - Bookpleasures

“This is a brilliantly plotted trilogy, full of intricate planning that is full of obfuscating activities until only, as the final book is ending, that the main character has begun to understand, even if he doesn't know the full truth yet, that, finally, readers will know it all, even as he learns, and accepts, the total truthful amazing story! Simply fantastic!”

- GABixlerReviews

About the Author

Even as a child I read avidly, working my way along the shelves in the local library until I’d run out of books. The love of literature continued into adult life, with a degree in English Literature and Fine Art. Now, with a miscellany of careers from finance to teaching, nursery management to event management, behind me, I still read voraciously but also now write with equal passion.

I'm a B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree ( for Patchwork Man, the first in my Patchwork People trilogy thriller series, self-published in 2014/15, and also for Chained Melodies (, the story of a transgender. I have now self-published seven fictional titles in total, plus a non-fiction book on writing. As well as writing full time, I also teach workshops on creative writing, and in 2014 was the Chair of literary festival.

I'm always delighted to swap newsletters with authors writing in similar genres to me - mystery/thrillers, literary fiction and writing theory. I also have books out on audio so audiobook promotion is of interest to me too.

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